Dry and comfortable

Designed by a fisherman for the fisherman, a new range of work wear is getting rave reviews from commercial and leisure marine sectors

Oilskins have long been the traditional wear of commercial fishermen and sea or shore anglers alike, with various manufactures offering a wide range of one piece and two-piece suits -- so entering this market means any new product has to stand out from the crowd.

The new ‘Brizo’ weatherproof suit is designed by Killybegs native and now UK resident Cormac Burke, an ex commercial fisherman and avid sea angler, who is the owner of FishComm Ltd., an international fishing industry consultancy company with business in 16 countries (www.fishcomm.com).

With many hard-shell jackets that are 100% waterproof, you are often susceptible to becoming clammy as sweat moisture fails to evaporate within the jacket but the FishComm Brizo jacket, as well as offering the luxury of full oilskin dryness, is a fully brushed cotton lined jacket with an additional breathable welded breathing skirt across the shoulders. 

The jacket is closed with both a zip and pop rivet flap that closes securely over the zip area and, with a good sized lined hood and comfortable fleeced collar, the jacket has elasticated cloth wrists that are seemed a couple inches up the wrist area, again to save on water / rain ingress as well as inner leg oilskin elasticated ankles to avoid water on deck from rising inside the inner leg and filling your boots – a common problem for many fishermen.

Two outer pockets, protected by a loose flap and inside pocket for storage of small items make a handy addition to the jacket.

With the same ultra-strong welded seams and joints as the jacket, the ‘bib & brace’ style leggings have taken the idea of reinforced rubber knee patches to a new level with this same reinforcement also inserted across the chest area, in particular for pot fishermen who find that carrying a pot from the hauler back to the stern usually results in the chest area being the first to begin to corrode and break up.


Due to demand from those working in other marine sector services such as windfarms, survey vessels etc., a new 'high-viz' range of FishComm gear will soon be available.

The 'Pontus' range of weatherproof work wear will include all of the existing features and high quality of the Brizo sets but will come in high visibility neon yellow or bright orange colours with added reflector strips at the ends of the sleeves and legs. 

The FishComm (Marine Clothing Division) ‘Brizo’ and 'Ceto' ranges are made from PE by the PROS EXTREME company in Poland, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of waterproof clothing for the marine commercial and leisure industry who produce a massive one million items per year in their two factories near Poznan.

Not to omit the female sector of commercial and leisure marine users, a ladies version of the jacket (Ceto) is also available (in soft pink) and includes some tailoring to give this jacket some style to make it simply an attractive weatherproof coat for everyday wear, as well as a functional working jacket.

Officially launched at the Skipper Expo in Galway, Ireland earlier this year and with orders already rapidly coming in from both marine commercial and leisure users, you can get your Brizo oilskins, with the exclusive FishComm logo, direct from FishComm (Marine Clothing Division) by emailing cburke@fishcomm.com / phone +44 (0) 7525 860 876